Welcome Back

Well, it’s been quiet here for a few months. My work situation was a little complicated: I thought I was moving, then it didn’t happen. Things weren’t great where I was at, as local management had budgeted with me being gone and I had already transitioned my work, so I was a bit of a persona non grata.

Based on that, I was actively pursuing external options and got a very solid offer but at the same time, the position I wanted opened up at my current employer. It involved an out-of-state move, so I had to decide which cities, states and work I preferred.

It wasn’t an easy choice, but I leveraged my values, workview and lifeview to help make the decision. Financially, they were about a wash, so it came down to location and type of work. The external position, while exciting and very challenging was going to involve much more stress, longer hours and lacked some of the work/life balance perks I had with my existing employer. So, 7 weeks ago I moved to a new city, in a new state, where I only knew a handful of people.

Things are starting to settle down from the move, so I’m back and posts should continue regularly again. 


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