To Side Hustle or not to Side Hustle

If you’ve been around the FIRE community for a bit, I’m sure you’ve ran across a dozen people telling you that you need a side hustle. I had…so during my marriage, I tried a couple Side Hustle businesses, which all essentially failed.

Side Hustle Experiments

I tried Amazon FBA, had one product that was doing well but had to stop selling, then my next product was a flop and I closed up shop. Next was Merch By Amazon, I had some success but realized I wasn’t good at making designs, so haven’t done much with it.

Several years ago, I had also tried to start a price comparison website for a specific Niche a few years ago, hired developers through one of the freelance sites, but they never delivered a working product. I dropped the domain and let that idea die.

I’ve got ideas up the wazoo about things I could do as a side hustle or even a primary business, but my previous failures certainly make me even more gun shy than I already was when I tried those.

A friend told me that I just wasn’t taking them seriously before….maybe. I did learn a lot from those efforts at least.

Those who can, do. Those who can’t teach?

From everything I’ve read and watched online, part of me has gotten the idea that it’s easy to make money online. The other part of my brain asks “If it was so easy, why are these people running courses\writing videos, instead of just doing what they are teaching?”

So that leaves me wanting to do something, but fearing failure. I’ve heard the saying “Anything worth doing, is worth doing badly until you can do it right” Guess that means I need to push past the fear 🙂 Funny enough, my boss assigned us to read Who moved My Cheese and I picked it up and finished reading it today. It had some interesting quotes on Fear.

Fast forward a month or so and I’ve started a new Niche website and been looking into other Digital Side Hustles. I also listened to the 4 Hour Work Week Audio book by Tim Ferris. He too makes it sounds all too easy, but it did motivate me to at least take a crack again.

What Side Hustles have you tried?

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