Solo Traveling

So, whether you are divorced already or in the process, you’re likely going to be single at least for a while. Even if you are dating again, you still may be looking at traveling alone.

My ex got me into traveling and I’ve only ever traveled with her, aside from a few domestic work trips. I do enjoy it and want to continue seeing the world. That said, I can’t lie that it’s caused me a bit of anxiety for multiple reasons…

  1. Too Many Options! – Now that it’s just me, I’m the one in control of everything. I get to decide where I want to go, what I want to do, how long I want to stay, etc, etc, etc ad infinitum. I don’t have to try to please anyone else, worry about if it’s something they will like, etc. This is both awesome and freeing, but also paralyzing – too many damn options!
  2. Loneliness – The struggle is real…I’ve always had a built in travel buddy with my ex, but no more. We had usually met some people in our travels while doing things, but 99% of the time kept to ourselves once that activity was over or kept it to polite conversations when bumping into each other. What if I don’t meet anyone? Am I going to sit by myself for every meal of every day, for the duration of my trip?

Ready, set, jump!

I knew I wanted to take a celebratory trip once the divorce was final, so I started doing my research. I had almost settled on going to South America, but found myself nervous about going somewhere totally new on my first solo trip. That and the flights weren’t lining up as well and cost a lot more airlines miles than returning to a place in Central America that I had been before.

So, I decided to go back to somewhere I had been, but had only gotten to spend a few days before. I had been wanting to return there for several years, but kept putting it off, so now was the perfect time.

Since I’d been before, I felt more comfortable going it alone. I booked my flight and connecting travel, getting past fear #1 above.

1 is the loneliest number

To combat my fear of being lonely, I considered a few things:

  1. What activities did I want to do? I looked into taking a Spanish class, or a Surf\Spanish class. I haven’t reserved it yet, but think I’m going to just do the surfing this time
  2. Where should I stay?
    • Hostels: I looked at some hostels, there are a couple really nice ones and they almost guarantee that you’re gonna meet people. I’ve never stayed in one before though and knew if I did that I’d want a private room. The cost of the private room was as much or more than a nice private AirBnB. So, for me I decided to could go hang out at a hostel, but would stay somewhere else.
    • AirBnB: So I narrowed down to two places, one a modern apartment in a residential neighborhood, the other a beachy looking loft above a restaurant. I decided on the loft as it was on the beach and figured there would be lots of people around to mingle with.


Well, I leave on my trip in about 5 weeks, so we’ll see how it goes, but I’m optimistic and definitely looking forward to it. Wish me luck!

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